Epic Escapade.

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Wow, what a weekend!

It started with an exciting Friday morning when ‘4th and Flatiron’ was Freshly Pressed on WordPress.com. I was both shocked and thrilled  – and loved reading all of the interesting and sweet comments that I received. Thank you!

I left late Friday night to spend time in Vail with a few friends from business school (the same friends as here and here…). Between the joining the apres-ski scene, visiting a new brewery and night tubing, there was also plenty of down time – which in a dominantly masculine group (ie. I was the only girl) included lots of goofing off. I hope that your weekend was equally cozy and happy.

To start the week, here’s a fun video that my friend Ben took as we swirled down the hill at Vail’s Adventure Ridge.

2 Comments to “Epic Escapade.”

  1. Cassie!!!!! :D
    i had a great weekend as well! miss you tons already, AND THAT IS SO AWESOME ABOUT WORDPRESS!!!!!! WOOOT! :D
    …i’m currently back in school, first class was a success…excited about another…and i’m thinking about going on this engine 2 diet (if you can do no sugar…maybe i can pull this off)
    running will be a slow process..but we’ll see where God takes me.

    hope the week is off to a great start, and please tell me you didn’t work on MLK day…….i have a feeling you might have though, haha

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